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Jan Mackell Collins

Behind Brothel Doors: The Business of Prostitution in Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma (1860-1940)

Behind Brothel Doors: The Business of Prostitution in Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma (1860-1940)

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Often overlooked, disregarded, or hidden from historical accounts due to its racy connotations, the prostitution industry was one of the most important factors in the development of the American West. The "oldest profession" fueled the economies of camps, towns, and cities as they grew. Sex workers, from common prostitutes to reigning madams such as Anna Wilson, Maggie Wood, and Big Ann Wynne, defied social norms to make sure their hometowns, and they themselves, were successful. Their reasons for entering the life varied, from women who could find no other way to make money to those who desired independence and wealth. In return they were ostracized, criticized, and subject to fines, jail, disease, drug addiction, violence, and unwanted pregnancies. While their success stories are many, others failed in their endeavors, their names buried with them when they died. Behind Brothel Doors chronicles the history of the nineteenth-century sex work industry in the Great Plains states of Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

Author: Jan Mackell Collins
Publisher: Two Dot Books
Published: 12/01/2022
Pages: 264
Weight: 0.00lbs
ISBN: 9781493066155

About the Author
Jan MacKell Collins has been a published author, speaker and presenter since 2003. Her focus has always been on western history, with an emphasis on historical prostitution. Three of her books: Brothels, Bordellos & Bad Girls: Prostitution in Colorado 1860-1930, Red Light Women of the Rocky Mountains and Wild Women of Prescott, Arizona have focused on this intriguing subject. Ms. Collins was also a contributing author to Preserving Western History, The Colorado Labor Wars: Cripple Creek, 1903-1904 and Extraordinary Women of the Rocky Mountain West, with chapters in each book about the prostitution industry. She also has been featured on several radio programs in Arizona, California and Colorado. Finally, she is also working as an historical consultant with a director in the feature film industry. Ms. Collins currently resides in Oregon, where she continues researching the history of prostitution.
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