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Kelly Cole

Daughter of War

Daughter of War

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Finley has always struggled to reconcile her opposing heritages: the gentle Trish nature from her mother and the combatant instincts from her Bellovian father. When she discovers the lost Trish queen survived the Bellovian invasion eighteen years ago, she must decide which country, and half of herself, to honor in the fight ahead.

The only way Finley's Bellovian peers could hate her more is if they discovered she was half Trish. Years of dying her silver hair the Bellovian shade of black and perfecting their cruel, violent customs kept the truth hidden. Yet blending in becomes even more difficult when she turns seventeen and must volunteer for the never-ending war, joining the Bellovian fight against the Florians. The Bellovians have always marched to the Front armed with guns and their militaristic upbringing, but after all these years the Florians are growing more aggressive in their efforts. The threat of their superhuman abilities hangs in the air. Finley feels she alone knows Bellovian technology will no longer be enough and although she fears for her own safety, she is ready to see the war finished. She would welcome a Bellovian defeat if not for the friendships she finally forms her first week as a soldier and the sudden attention of her lifelong crush, Oken Sars. Finley's role in this war takes an unexpected turn when she starts to develop rare Trish abilities and overhears her commander discussing the recent capture of the Trish queen. She realizes she must choose between consequences of desertion and the chance to save her mother's people. Choose between her family and her duty. Between love and powerful alliances. Between Traesha and Bellovi. Silver or black.

Author: Kelly Cole
Publisher: Kelly Cole Books
Published: 01/07/2022
Pages: 346
Weight: 0.75lbs
Size: 8.00h x 5.00w x 0.72d
ISBN: 9798985321203
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