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Kj Cerys

Desserts Over Discourse

Desserts Over Discourse

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Janet, a. k. a. Fury, trained in sniping and explosives, recruited directly from college to teach execution tactics at the FBI, and sent out when the need for her skills outweighed the need to have her in the classroom. When one of their missions crossed an intersection the Rangers were launching from, she caught her first glimpse of David, a. k. a. Cyclone, and demanded permission to have his team tag along to hedge the outcome. The day she received an invitational summons to join the Alpha Angels Unit her life took a turn for the better. She chose the Rangers to protect and plan for, finally having a way to connect with her David. They quickly grew past the need to communicate for mission planning, and she smiled every time he connected to her with a TX pulse for whatever non saving the word excuse he came up with that day.

Fast forward ten years; the Alpha Angels were trying to come up with a way to transition to civilian life. Realizing they would need important and real things to do, during their first night of collectively retired, they were sanctioned as the Alpha Sorority: Angels chapter, or ASAs, their first mission the unfinished family business and whatever else was needed to cleanup for Janet's hometown of Anywhere. As they assessed their civilian skills, they agreed they collectively possessed what was needed for a desserts shop. Janet and her Angels opened Angel Delights while reconstructing an apartment complex, creating safe spaces for the neighborhood kids where there previously had been none, and they started a book club to make the nights slightly less endless.

Between days at the shop, evenings with her family in a last-ditch effort to help them become one, and taking out the trash at night, ASA Angel Janet and her girls are trying to start this next phase with the brightest of expectations while privately she tried to overcome the missing of a man she never touched. The moving on had proved harder than any of them had expected despite knowing it was the right call, and so spent her days hoping he'd found his version of happiness with whatever woman would lucky enough to have won him and her nights praying he hadn't so she wasn't so very alone in her lonely. But just what does an Angel to do when the Fates have plans that don't match their expectations, when on a morning soon after opening her shop she and her girls stopped on a dime when their Ranger walked into Delights and asked for his Angel...

Author: Kj Cerys
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Published: 04/20/2021
Pages: 198
Weight: 0.65lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.45d
ISBN: 9781662428340
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