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Michael John Sullivan

Evidence of Murder: Investigating the Strange Death of Elvis Presley

Evidence of Murder: Investigating the Strange Death of Elvis Presley

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After fifteen years of extensive research, the non-fiction book, "EVIDENCE OF MURDER - Investigating the Strange Death of Elvis Presley", presents the first full, in-depth critical study of the complete facts of Elvis' sudden demise.

This book has been an uncompromised quest for the truth, and the result is both astonishing and shocking.

All of the facts in the book firmly establish one, and ONLY one conclusion: ELVIS PRESLEY WAS MURDERED.

Unrelentingly focusing on the vital aspects of WHY the murder was committed, HOW it was brilliantly and flawlessly executed, and exactly WHO the perpetrator was, the book meticulously examines seven prime suspects and then carefully eliminates them one by one until the guilty assassin is fully and unmistakably exposed. A shocking revelation that the previous hard facts of the investigation will make it impossible for any honest reader to dispute or reject. And, on the contrary - those legions of doubters who have closed their minds to rational thinking and clear facts will probably most happily have found a topic which they will hotly and vehemently debate for the rest of their lives.

Elvis Presley was the icon of the Twentieth Century, and he has remained a SuperStar without rival. His sudden death in the summer of 1977 has unceasingly been something of a mystery, an unexplained and misunderstood event creating an intense fulcrum of fascination and highly charged emotion and confusion and doubt for almost half a century. A variety of theories and hasty conclusions - ALL of them erroneous and false - have weakly sought to solve the mystery of Elvis' premature sudden death. Now - with vital new pieces of the puzzle available - it has been finally possible to assemble the true facts of this very surprising mosaic of murder and betrayal and corruption - facts discovered in FBI and government private files, hidden medical and hospital records, and interviews with Presley intimates.

Thus - all of the facts and information lead directly to only one conclusion: Elvis was NOT the victim of an accident or a death from natural causes. Elvis' death was a crime! MURDER. The Superstar was the victim of an elaborate and ingenious plot motivated by FEAR, GREED, and REVENGE.

EVIDENCE OF MURDER is a fascinating and thrilling journey through the solution of one of history's most carelessly handled and amazingly ignored murder cases. All of the facts in the book are suspensefully presented and very easy to follow for any reader, regardless of their scientific basis and forensic procedure. It's a fast moving book that most readers will find impossible to put down, and be compelled to read to the end in one sitting.

Michael John Sullivan is the author os several award-winning, best selling books, amongst them, the Random House critically acclaimed A FATAL PASSION and the mystery to end all mysteries, THE MURDER SCORE. He lives in Southern California within view of the Pacific Ocean - his favorite realm.

Author: Michael John Sullivan
Publisher: Independently Published
Published: 07/07/2021
Pages: 236
Weight: 1.23lbs
Size: 11.02h x 8.50w x 0.50d
ISBN: 9798523294358

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