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Paulina Vieitez

Fabulosas: Testimonios Valientes de Mujeres En Plenitud

Fabulosas: Testimonios Valientes de Mujeres En Plenitud

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Emprendedoras, resilientes, valerosas, solidarias, plenas... fabulosas. Estas veinte mujeres son ejemplo de cómo, desde todos los ámbitos y con las historias familiares y profesionales más diversas, es posible remontar los retos de la vida, luchar por defender nuestros valores y reconciliarnos con el tiempo, la edad, nuestra espiritualidad y sexualidad, y caminar el día a día con energía y orgullo.

These 20 fabulous women are all business-savvy, resilient, and innovative. They lead by example, and their stories show how women from all areas share issues concerning family, business ventures, standing up for core values, and coming to terms with changing times, age, spirituality, and sexuality. They do it all by walking tall and owning every aspect of who they are as women.

Author: Paulina Vieitez
Publisher: Oceano
Published: 03/01/2022
Pages: 340
Weight: 0.80lbs
ISBN: 9786075572789
Language: Spanish

About the Author
Paulina Vieitez has always had a gift when it comes to speaking. She's able to take us beyond superficial conversations. Gaby Vargas looked up to Paulina as a journalist. Paulina is a consummate professional that has mastered her craft. She is a wonderful listener with a tremendous sense of empathy. Christina Morato interviews Paulina Vieitez to bring us a one-on-one exclusive interview.
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