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Julia Cook

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait: Volume 4

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait: Volume 4

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Cora June is super excited. After school, Mom is taking her to get her favorite treat - a Unicorn Yak slushy!

She eagerly counts down every second of her school day. When her mom is late picking her up. Cora June complains about having to wait, and then she freaks out because the line at the Slushy Shack is super long. When she finally gets to the counter, Cora June gets crushing news: The Unicorn Yak slushies are sold out. If she wants one, she must come back another day!

Will Cora June have the strength to flex her patience muscle, or will her disappointment turn into a sticky, sorry mess?

A must-have for parents, caregivers, and educators. Includes lots of tips for adults on how to help children practice patience, stay calm and make good choices.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait is from The Leader I'll Be! book series and told in author Julia Cook's distinctive rhythmic style and delivers powerful lessons on how to practice patience, stay calm, and make good choices. A great read for children in grades Pre-K through 6. Included are tips for parents and educators to help teach the skill of patience.The Leader I'll Be! book series which includes:

  • It's My Way or the Highway - Cora June learns to be assertive and flexible without being bossy.

  • The I in Integrity - Can Cora June do the right thing... even when no one is looking?
  • Good Things Come to Those Who Wait - In a world consumed by instant gratification, can Cora June stay calm and patient?
  • The Great Compromise - Cora June sees that future leaders must learn to compromise and show they are willing to listen to others.

Author: Julia Cook
Publisher: Boys Town Press
Published: 06/22/2021
Pages: 31
Weight: 0.20lbs
Size: 8.70h x 8.70w x 0.10d
ISBN: 9781944882778
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