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Glenn Wright

I Sleep in My Own Bed

I Sleep in My Own Bed

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Any parent of a toddler has been through the troubles of their child being too scared to sleep in their own bed "just because"-because of a monster, because of a noise, or because of a bad dream. Hopefully this book will be the companion to all the reasons why our young ones should want to spend more time in their bedrooms and realize that there is nothing to fear. This book takes a child on a journey to all the places they wouldn't want to sleep and outlines the reasons why their own bed is the perfect place to sleep.

Author: Glenn Wright
Publisher: Xlibris Us
Published: 08/30/2010
Pages: 44
Weight: 0.35lbs
Size: 8.40h x 10.80w x 0.20d
ISBN: 9781453543412

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