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Karen Hudgins

Murder, Mayhem and Monet

Murder, Mayhem and Monet

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Diane Phipps, P. I., bounds into investigative action when Arabella Lauren, a noted art restorer in historic Manitou Springs, is found strangled. Slumped over a Claude Monet masterpiece, had she intentionally left a clue? Or had she merely grabbed a paint tube during her struggle with the murderer? Moreover, was Diane solving a homicide where Arabella was targeted for death, or had she died because of a bungled grand theft?

Diane searches for answers while in unfamiliar mountain country. Motives are buried deeply. Although Arabella was immersed in saving beautiful art, all was not pretty. But things had looked up when she'd met James, the gallerist. Yet, Arabella's brother Leo was dismayed over their new friendship. His girlfriend Willow, whose dad owns the Monet, resents his excessive time with a farrier and also the private collection curator.

When Arabella's journal falls into Diane's hands, some of her sleuthing conclusions are confirmed... but not all. Diane boldly wears the murder weapon, a silk scarf, to the Front Range Art Society Gala to shake up a possible prime suspect. Answers rise, except what's this about a secret daughter? Diane intrepidly sifts through all this and more to find out Whodunit and Why?

Author: Karen Hudgins
Publisher: Wings Epress, Inc.
Published: 04/01/2021
Pages: 174
Weight: 0.46lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.37d
ISBN: 9781613095478

About the Author
Hudgins, Karen: - Karen Hudgins has always loved stories--in all their form--and settled into writing fiction about 19 years ago. She particularly likes creating characters and settings, making the places seem like characters. Born in Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), her life has offered her chances to live in the South, the Mid-West, and now the West in Colorado. She first devoted her spirit, creativity, and imagination to learning the craft of writing by creating contemporary, single-title romance full-length novels, exploring the ups and downs of true love with happy endings. Seven of them. Her latest efforts have shown up in the Mystery Section with the Diane Phipps, P. I. series. She is sticking with happy endings because Diane fights the good fight and solves stubborn cold cases. Karen has a B. S. in Behavioral Science, which comes in handy for writing about story people. She's a mom, a grandma, and her ginger cat's best buddy. When not writing, Karen likes photography, gardening, music, movies, time with people, Nature, and her book club. She's active on Facebook, keeping connected to friends, former classmates and co-workers, and family. She's currently working on her eleventh mystery novella.
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