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Andrew Kitchener

Natural History of the Wild Cats

Natural History of the Wild Cats

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Everyone is familiar with the big cats--the lion, tiger, leopard, and jaguar--members of the genus Panthera. The smaller cats--members of the genus Felis--are less familiar. This absorbing book, considered a comprehensive survey by David Quammen, writing in the New York Times Book Review, presents what is known about the thirty-seven or so species of the world's cats, including abundant information on the much-neglected smaller members of the cat family. Dr. Kitchener... has made a readable, up-to-date synthesis of what we know about cats, his account always strengthened by the comparative point of view.--Scientific AmericanThe numerous tables and comprehensive bibliography will appeal to the scientist, while the breadth of topics discussed, summary of numerous studies published in hard-to-find journals, numerous graphs and line drawings, and emphasis on the smaller cats and their behaviour, will make it of wider interest.--John Deag, Times Higher Education Supplement

Author: Andrew Kitchener
Publisher: Comstock Publishing
Published: 04/24/1998
Pages: 304
Weight: 1.19lbs
Size: 9.27h x 6.15w x 0.78d
ISBN: 9780801484988

About the Author

Andrew Kitchener is Curator of Mammals and Birds at the Royal Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

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