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Omer Farooq Saeed

Philosophical and Scientific Analysis of Richard Dawkins' God Delusion

Philosophical and Scientific Analysis of Richard Dawkins' God Delusion

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First Edition of this book is a revelation in the field of research and analyzation of a bestseller on an intriguing topic denying the existence of God and instead calling it a "Delusion". This book deals with the arguments presented in two manners i. e. Philosophical and Scientific. The Author encourages to bring a specified researching methodology when talking about God and presents a framework for this purpose as well and an Eightfold path in the end for the solution of the problem. The main concern of the book is on categorization of arguments in respective fields of research and the bringing the discussion on the right track both scientifically and philosophically. For this purpose, each point of relevancy is placed in specific category and the irrelevant points are also mentioned separately for the better understanding of the reader. This lead to the formation of a proper methodology in terms of research when researching about God and its existence. Overall this work has a lot to offer for the reader specially for the students of knowledge and research and anyone looking to get answers on God, Science, Religion and Atheism. About AuthorDr. Omer Farooq Saeed, hailing from Lahore Pakistan originally belongs to the medical background. Upon interest, he started his research in the field of Theology and did a MPhil degree in Islamic Studies. He's the Co-Founder of The Muslim Organization and The Vice Chairman of the Quran and Science Thinkers Forum Canada-Pakistan. He has been a regular research paper writer and presenter in international conferences. His core subject of research is Religion and Science, for this he has written some research articles namely "The Ideal relationship between Science, Reason and Religion" and "The role of reason in Human Development" etc. He writes for the Environ Monitor Magazine as a regular writer and is the research head of the Q&S organization. Over the past year he was working on his dissertation which was based on dealing with Atheism, Science and Philosophy. He's a staunch supporter of reconciling between Religion and Science and has spoken about it in international conferences, Live on TV and in his personal blogs regularly. Currently, he's working on research analyzation of some of the books of Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens. One of his works "Philosophical and Scientific Analysis of Richard Dawkins' God Delusion" is now published as well in 2021. Rest of the work will follow soon after that as well Allah willing.

Author: Omer Farooq Saeed
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC - KDP Print US
Published: 03/20/2021
Pages: 166
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ISBN: 9789697491025

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