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Qazi Fazl Ullah

Sayyidah Aaisha: Age & Marriage

Sayyidah Aaisha: Age & Marriage

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Islam is a Natural Deen or Deen of Nature. This is a balanced Deen providing a comprehensive justice system, and the Holy Prophet is the perfect role model as a perfect human. His words, actions, and sanctions are the proper interpretation of the Holy Quran and the second fundamental source of laws in Islam. There is a commonly held belief, especially among critics of Islam, that the Prophet married Aaisha when she was only nine years of age. In this book, all the details about this issue is given that how this word Tis'aa (which means nine) happened there and what the real story is to counter the false accounts and correct the record.

Author: Qazi Fazl Ullah
Publisher: Hund Publishing
Published: 11/18/2018
Pages: 88
Weight: 0.64lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.38d
ISBN: 9780578202334

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