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Alistair Macnab

The Shipping Wizard of Kirkcaldy: Andrew Weir's Bank Linevolume 1

The Shipping Wizard of Kirkcaldy: Andrew Weir's Bank Linevolume 1

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One of the United Kingdom's largest and last remaining Cargo Liner and Tramp Ship operators surviving into the 21st century despite the advent of the containership which has swept most traditional American and British shipping companies from the world's oceans. This book takes a look at the influences of the 19th century entrepreneurs who shaped 20th century international commerce. The United States succeeded Britain as the world's economic superpower but the shift was as inevitable as it was beneficial for the betterment of the world at large. In many ways, the common cultural heritage of both countries ensured a smooth transition. The ensuing Great Depression of the 1930s followed by WWII, marked America's global maturity and firmly planted her name on the 20th century. But time moves on and today's international problems require completely new answers. The westward shift of global hegemony may not be accomplished as smoothly and beneficially as it was before, and may come a lot sooner that many of us would think or like. International commerce is today increasingly dominated by Eastern Powers which might inevitably lead to a self-interested State involvement with monopolistic tendencies.

Author: Alistair Macnab
Publisher: Bookbaby
Published: 11/19/2018
Pages: 252
Weight: 1.15lbs
Size: 9.10h x 6.10w x 1.00d
ISBN: 9781543940343

About the Author
Born in Ayr, Scotland. Apprenticed to Andrew Weir's Bank Line in 1953, first command 1966. Represented Weir's interests in the USA from 1968 to 1981 in New Orleans, New York and Houston. Married 1976 with three adult children. President: Greater Houston Port Bureau; Adjunct Lecturer, Business School in University of Houston at Downtown campus. Now resident in Brooklyn NY.
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